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Supernutrition as an aid to recovery from chronic and degenerative diseases

Stephen Gamble, August 2007

My role as a Gerson Therapy Consultant is to assist people on their personal journey along the road to health. The therapy is non-specific and therefore will benefit a wide variety of disease labels. It is essentially a nutrition based detoxification therapy, which is best known for its success in helping people with cancer.

The founder, Dr Max Gerson, developed his therapy over 70 years ago and healed hundreds of patients, many who were considered terminal by the medical profession. He continued to treat patients up until his death in 1959 at the age of 78.

Gerson's daughter, Charlotte continued his work and is still doing so up to the present day. Although she is now 85 years old, there are no signs of her slowing down and her health is excellent. Charlotte is a perfect example for people considering using the Gerson Therapy to heal their dis-ease.

Today the Gerson Therapy is known worldwide with support groups in several countries.

Gerson found that, a low sodium, high potassium diet was essential to displace stored toxins and reinstate the healing mechanism. The basis of the therapy is to flood the body with nutrients from fresh organic vegetables and fruits in the form of salads, cooked food and with up to 13 freshly made juices as well as some natural supplements. The large number of juices rich in potassium and many other nutrients will gradually displace sodium and toxins inside the diseased cells. Potassium belongs predominantly, inside the cell and sodium in the fluid outside of the cell.

The result of this is an outpouring of toxins from the tissues into the blood stream. All the blood passes through the liver roughly every 3 minutes. The liver then filters these toxins out for safe removal from the body.

It is therefore extremely important to assist the liver in its detoxification process, so that it doesn't become poisoned by the onslaught of toxicity. Gerson found that the best and safest way to do this was the coffee enema. In the early days Gerson lost several patients due to the toxic overload of the liver, it was after this setback that the coffee enema was introduced. As cellular toxicity is reduced oxygenation is increased as the cell can once again absorb and utilise the nutrients it needs to function optimally.

The majority of people who embark on this therapy are severely depleted and need optimum nutrition to restore energy and initiate healing. This is the reason that Gerson didn't employ fasting as a means of detoxifying, as this would in his opinion weaken the patient further.

I have been working with the UK Gerson Support Group for many years as a volunteer telephone help-liner, answering phone calls from people wanting to know more about The Gerson Therapy. Shortly after I joined the group I decided to further my knowledge and began my training to become a Gerson Therapy Consultant. I have studied in the UK, San Diego and Mexico. I have also volunteered my time helping at the Gerson Institute in San Diego, where I have made many good friends. I also have regular contact with the Medical Director at the Institute Dr Kayla Smith. I have patients throughout the U.K and worldwide.

I have witnessed the return to health of a number of people, some of who were practically given up on by the orthodoxy.

My wife and myself frequently hold Gerson Therapy training days in Leicestershire for prospective patients and carers and for anyone who wants to know more about this alternative approach to healing disease.